A Few Favorite Things.


Hello and happy holidays.  Christmas week is here and it will be 2016 before we know it.  This has been a low key holiday for me.  Since I am still not employed full time, I skipped the expense of a tree and went simple with gifts.  I did get out the little santa I needlepointed some years ago.  He always makes me smile.  The last two weeks have been busy.  I went to see my Mom and together with my Aunt we went to a historical home tour in York, SC.  The houses were amazing. Beautifully restored and all decorated for the holiday! Home tours are one of my favorite things.  

I came back home and got busy on my nurse refresher program.  24 modules all complete!  Yay.  Now to get working on the clinical hours.  Next week I will check in with the program and work on getting that scheduled.  Also, I had a job interview for a home hospice position. I think I would really like it.  FIngers crossed.  A full time job is at the top of the list for 2016 and this might just be it.  What else...My mom is coming to Winston Salem today and we are going to the Reynolda House Christmas tour. Tom and Beau are coming for a visit in early January.  I miss them both and will be so glad to see them.  

So no recipe today but a quick list of a few of my favorite things these days.  I will hopefully get a recipe for you tomorrow or if not, next week. I am putting regular blogging on the New Years Resolution list as well! 

This sauerkraut is delicious.  So I suspect most of you are not kraut eaters, but hear me out.  Traditional, fermented kraut is a true health food.  It has good bacteria in it that help keep our colon healthy and the bacteria in our body in balance.  You can make it easily at home, but this brand is convenient and good.  It is in the refrigerator section, not on the shelf.  The kind in a jar on the shelf is pickled with vinegar, is not fermented, and thus does not have the good bacteria.  There are lots of local brands these day you just have to hunt them down. I got this one at Whole Foods.  Eat a couple of tablespoons as a side dish to any meal.  Put a little on the side of your salad.  Or put it on a sandwich.  I love it with mustard, avocado and humus on pumpernickle bread.  It will make your belly happy.  Be forewared, it has a little vent on the side of the bag to let it breathe so your fridge is going to smell a bit stinky. 

It's not a great photo but there is a picture of my open face sandwich.  Yum. 

Next favorite thing.....Christmas china.  No explanation needed, right?  Cute, seasonal, fun. 

I am a big tea drinker but I don't drink caffeine.  Many years ago a friend from England went in search of the best decaf to drink while she was pregnant.  She found this one from Ireland. It is indeed the best black decaf tea.  It makes a nice strong cup.  I used to be able to buy it at a British store in Houston, but they quit carrying it and I have to order it on line. It is hard to find and often out of stock.  Totally worth the expense and effort.  I order it here.  

All things gingerbread. I love anything close to it.  This was a slab of a think gingerbread cookie that I got at a local bakery here.  (Camino, which is an amazing place with delicious bread, baked goods, coffee and wine. )  It was dense and spicy and had a slightly lemony glaze on it.  Last year I made gingerbread spiced rice crispy treats.  I also make a really dark, dense molasses cake some years.  This year I may make gingerbread scones for Christmas breakfast.  None of this is particulary healthy.  I need to find a healthy gingerbread recipe..  Maybe I will work on that in  2016 as well.  It is too good to pass up. 

Kombucha.  What? It is a fermented drink, that is naturally carbonated and full of probiotics.  We learned to make it in school but I don't like it well enough to spend the time or make that much.  I drink a shot glass a day to keep my GI system healthy.  I think it works.  It tastes a little like apple cider vinegar.  I would not recommend drinking whole bottles like you would lemonade but a bit every day can really help re-balance your system if you have heart burn, indigestion or other digestion issues.  There are many flavors and are found in all grocery stores these days. 

So that is it for today. I hope you all get to enjoy some time with family and friends.  Merry Christmas!