Get Out of Town!

Day 16 of the 31 Day Challenge

Day 16 of the 31 Day Challenge

So I know this little writing challenge is supposed to be about culinary school, but to be honest even I am getting bored with the posts!  So some balance is in order, with a post about a fun diversion. A few weeks ago I took a little excursion to Smithville, Texas.  I always complained in Houston that there was "nowhere good" to travel for a short day trip.  The Houston consolidated metropolitan  area is just a little bit smaller than Massachusetts but larger than New Jersey! You can drive well over an hour and still be in Houston.  Austin on the other hand has tons of great places nearby. Actually,  the whole East Coast is like this.  Think of all the places you can drive in a couple of hours from anywhere  along the East Coast or in the Southeast.  For that matter the West coast is the same way.  It is really fun and inspiring to get out the house and explore a new place.  No need to get on a plane or pack a suitcase.  Just get in the car, crank up some tunes, and drive a little. All school or all work is just no fun!

First established in 1827, Smithville, Texas is a small town with a population of  3800, only about 40 miles southeast of Austin. It is a really cute, typical Texan town with a small downtown, with some antique stores and little cafes.  Smithville is quite the movie location and is designated as a "Film Friendly Community" by the Texas Film Commission.  Quite a few movies have been filmed there including The Tree of Life with Brad Pitt.  If you watch the trailer you can see some of the great old houses and tree-lined streets in Smithville. 

One of my favorite movies of all time "Hope Floats" was also filmed there.  It has Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr.  (If you like Parenthood,  Amber is the little girl Bernice.) Below is the trailer.  In one of the antique stores the owner told me where all the filming was done so I did a little tour…..

Here are some scenes of the house in the movie….

Here are my photos of the house….

This is the the site of the scene in the employment agency ...

This storefront was the photo processing shop where Birdie worked….

These store fronts were also seen in the movie….

And my favorite scene is below…I did not see this location.  Perhaps it got changed for the next movie! 

It was so fun to see all these locations.  I was told that some of these things were created for the movie, like Honey's diner has never been a diner, nor was there ever a Star Biscuit Company.  I took a bunch of pictures. If you care to see them, I have included a little slide show below.  

I hope you enjoyed this little tour and maybe you'll be inspired to explore some of the little towns around your locale.  In the meantime, remember the following advice from Hope Floats….

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