A Walk Through the Neighborhood….South Austin

It was a beautiful, bright sunny day and I had no school, no homework, no true obligations. It was a perfect day for a long walk.  Walking is actually really good exercise. As a long time jogger, I always sort of scoffed at the walkers of the world. I thought running was so much better…harder, burned calories faster, more athletic, like real exercise.  I have slowly realized that I really like to walk.  You see more….you don't need special clothes (only good shoes)….it doesn't matter when you ate last….it is easy to fit into your schedule anytime.  I am still hopeful to run a little more, but many days walking is just the right thing.  I found this graphic on pinterest.  Seems walking does a lot for the body! 

So I decided to go out for a long walk, and I took my camera with me.  I ended up walking almost 6 miles.  Pretty good exercise and I got to play with photography while I was at it.  I'll share the pictures below, and you'll get an idea of what it is like to live in South Austin. 

Just like most of Texas, rosemary grows like a weed, into huge bushes.  We also have big cactus! 

Austin is pretty hip and right in step with new business models.  Car2Go is one of them.  These little cars are all over town.  You sign up for a membership that costs $35 then you use your membership card to open the door and away you go.  You can reserve or not, insurance is included, and the price is 41 cents a minute, or $14.99 an hour.  You just leave it in a designated area when you are finished.  In Austin there are 294 cars available and spots are spread conveniently all over town.  Gas is included but if the tank is low there is a prepaid card in the car….if you get gas you get 20 minutes free!  What a concept. 

Tacos are everywhere you turn.  Austin claims to be home to the breakfst taco. I'm not sure about that, but I know I have eaten lots of tacos since I got here and they are all good!  Below is Taco Express, clearly a unique kind of restaurant.  Great patio! 

You can even get tacos are the little local convenience stores…

There is a lot of art around town, painted on the sides of buildings….

There are a lot of "alternative" businesses in town.  Like I heard on a comedy tour in Asheville, you can't throw a yoga teacher without hitting a massage therapist.  Look at all the businesses in the same strip mall with my school!  A vegetarian cooking school, yoga, meditation, integrative health….

And down the street you can get sensory deprivation therapy, massage, reiki, hemi-sync, and color therapy all at The Zero Gravity Institute.  What is that stuff? 

Or you can stop by Mom's to get a tattoo.  I suppose there are lots of moms who advocate tattoos, but I am still holding out.   I can't think of a single thing that I  want permanently inked on this body! 

The neighborhood between my apartment and school is full of really great houses.  Some new and modern, some old and rennovated.  Many have tin roofs.  There are lots of fun color combinations.  I love walking over there.  It gets me inspired to get an old house and make it mine!  There are lots of interesting gates, fences and doors.  Here is a selection that I saw on my walk. 

Austin also has a ton of food trucks.  Some are actually mobile and move around town, but others are more like trailers that have permanent locations.  These two are in front of my school. 

I also stopped into the Popular Culture Center while I was out. Art cars, tributes to musicians,…quite the place. 

And can it be Texas without a few armadillos? 

I hope you enjoyed this little tour and maybe will be inspired to look at your own walk through new eyes. Sometimes we forget to see what we always look at!