Things I'm Loving….

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I am sad to say, I really don't feel like it is Christmas.  Since I am in Austin, and all my belongings are stored in South Carolina, I don't have any Christmas decorations for my little apartment. I thought of buying some but decided it was not worth the money.  If I buy something I really like it is just more stuff to move in April, and why buy something cheap just to have something.  So with no decorations and the weather at 75 degrees, it doesn't feel like Christmas. I am going to my mom's later this week, and then it will feel like Christmas.

I have been cooking really simply at home, so no recipe today, but some of the things I am loving.  I love these Christmas trees made from books.  Next year I'm going to try to make one.  They don't look too hard, and I have tons of books! 

I took a little trip to Costco last week.  Dangerous place to go, (at least for your wallet!) so I stay away. I think you check your brain at the door most of the time.  Who really needs those gigantic quantities they sell?  But somehow I get in there and suddenly there are lots of things I "need."  This sunflower butter was one.  I have read about sunflower butter on line but had been leary.  They all seem to have tons of sugar.  This one had a good ingredient label, with only sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, honey and sea salt.  It landed in the basket and is now a favorite. Whole wheat toast with sunflower butter for breakfast is delicious! 

honey sunflower butter.jpg

So I am late to The Hunger Games party.  Did you all read the books?  Somehow I missed the books and all the movies. Thanksgiving week when I was out of school, I half watched the first episode on tv while I cooked one night.  I got hooked.  Since I only half watched, I rented it on itunes, and then went right on to the second one, and that same weekend went to the theater to see the third one.  It is sooo good.  Watch out, this song gets stuck in your head! 

I have also binge watched all of "A Chef's Life."  If you live in the Carolinas you may have watched this on your local PBS.  It doesn't air here in Texas so I watch on yidio.  I watched the entire first season in a week this summer. Yes I think 13 episodes.  I am watching the second season as soon as they are released online. Sadly there is some delay.  I absolutely love Vivian Howard and the show. She is a chef in Eastern NC and runs a gourmet restaurant (The Chef and the Farmer) using mostly local ingredients.  She teaches you about ingredients by visiting the local sources.  I love seeing the farmers, her family, and the recipes she puts together. It is quite typical of Southern culture and I often laugh out loud.  I watch it and it just feels like home. Here are two clips, one from a holiday episode that hopefully I can see at my mom's, and one other episode.  I kind of want to be her….. :)   I can't wait until I can call the Carolinas home! 

So that's it for today.  Sorry for the short posts, and infrequent posting. You would think with school out I would have more time but the days are flying by with few blog posts. Hopefully I can post some while I am in SC.  Mom and I are going to Winston-Salem for a little daytrip  so I'll share that.  Hopefully I'll cook some delicious things that I can share with you.  In the meantime, happy holidays.  Thanks for reading, and hanging with me.  I'll be back more regularly asap!  I'll leave you with a throw back…How's this for an old one….Christmas at my mom's parents 1972!  What in the heck is that outfit about? (My mom let me pick my own clothes and I am not sure that was a good thing!) 

Christmas 1972…I am 9 and my cousin Lisa McRae must be 2 or 3….

Christmas 1972…I am 9 and my cousin Lisa McRae must be 2 or 3….