Get off of the couch, get out of the house…episode #1

So if you were under the impression that this is blog is only about food and cooking, I'm sure you're thinking, "what the heck is she writing about?"!  Well, health is not only about food.  Yes, it is a big part but there are so many other things that get and keep us healthy.  Getting out of the house, being active, seeing and experiencing new things….all of these add to living a full and healthy life.  Too much screen time and laying on the couch and it doesn't matter what you eat!  So in that vein, on my last weekend in Houston, I hit the road for….Glenwood Cemetery!   

beautiful old live oaks….

beautiful old live oaks….

It is a beautiful old cemetery full of lots of history and where many renown people are buried. Unfortunately I didn't do my homework before I went, so I didn't know who was there (Howard Hughes!) or where they were, but I meant only to enjoy a beautiful sunny day, get a little fresh air and exercise, and see the beauty in a quiet, sacred place. 

I know some people think cemeteries are morbid or sad but I think they they are beautiful.  My friend and traveling companion Barbara and I always seeks out cemeteries when we travel to Paris. In fact one of our best outings ever was to the  Père Lachaise Cemetery where many famous people are buried including Chopin, Sarah Bernhardt,  Proust, and Edith Piaf.  It is gorgeous and you can spend hours winding your way through it. 

Jim Morrison's grave at Pere Lachaise

But I digress…Glenwood cemetery had many beautiful gravesites as well as some inspiration….

The detail on the statues was amazing. 

There were some inspiring sentiments….

And this one made me think…did Cyril want this on his headstone or did his family pick this?  Wonder where this came from…do you think he tried to be good but failed and wanted everyone to know he tried?  Or do you think he really was good?  He certainly wasn't very old so it makes one wonder.  

The office is a really quaint old cottage….like a gingerbread house. 

I spent about an hour, wandering, wondering, thinking……

Whether you think cemeteries are worth visiting or not, it is always good to get outside, with just you and your thoughts.  No ipod, no smart phone, no Facebook.  Just sunshine, quiet, and the thoughts of the lives of those who have gone before us.