5 Things I'm Loving

I always like to read these kinds of lists on other people's blogs so I thought I would start a little series of my own.  These are just 5 random things that are making me happy these days.   Although you may not want or like any of these,  maybe you will look around your own life and find 5 things that make you smile.  Recognizing the small joys in life is a big part of being happy!

#1:  This Dillapeno relish is absolutely delicious.  It is made by a local Texas family and is a combination of sweet, hot and tart.  Kind of a sweet relish with a kick.  I had it as a sample at Central Market and was hooked.  I took a jar to my mom's and we ate it as an hors d'oeurvre, spooned over cream cheese on a whole wheat cracker.  I also have put it in a grilled cheese, and in my mock chicken salad. It is addicting.  It is remniscent of pepper jelly if you'ver ever had that. It's not exactly health food, but a little in moderation is pefect. You can get it at Central Market or you can buy it here

Market Candle

Market Candle

#2 I bought a bunch of these candles some years ago, and gave most of them as Christmas gifts at work. The extras  sat in a drawer unused.  When I moved into an apartment, I found l like to burn a candle to make a nice aroma and it feels more like home.  These candles are made in Los Angeles, are soy based and burn clean.  Their fragrance is high quality essential oils. No fake smell to these.  (BTW, I walked into Bath and Body the other day to look at candles and almost passed out!  Whew, that is an overwhelming smell.  I left in about 2.5 seconds! These candles are NOT like that!)  They are in a heavy glass jar and smell divine.  I have been burning geranium patchouli and cedar ambergris.  Since Tom is an arson investigator, I know all the hazards of burning candles at home.  He tells me many accidental fires are caused by candles. So,  I only burn one, and put my car keys right beside it so I will remember to blow it out before I leave the house.  The scents I have don't seem to be available anymore but the current ones sound fabulous….frankincense myrrh, firewood sage, grapefruit.  If you want to order some, the website is here


#3 I love music and I have it on almost all the time. I have learned to like silence more these days, but music is such a joy to me.  (Too bad I have no musical aptitude…)  Can't you hear a song and it takes you right back to a place and time?  Or a certain person?  I love that about music.  I stumbled on this song recently and love it and the artist.   The female back up singer/percussionist is so cool.   You can tell these people are doing exactly what they are meant to do. 

#4 I love paper, and organization. This planner is a great combination of both.  I like a good visual of my schedule and prefer a paper planner.  At work they used to tease me about my ipaper! In my last job I used an outlook on-line calendar as it worked for the whole office, but my choice now is a monthly paper version. After 14 years in the Navy Reserve, I seem to always think in months.  (What weekend is drill weekend and planning around that….)  My days are not very detailed so a small block is enough for me.  This version is beautiful, nice thick paper, a pocket in the back, an attached elastic band to keep it closed, perforated list pages that you can pull out, a date reminder page, contact info….it has everything you need, but is small enough to fit in a purse easily. You can buy it here  at Barnes and Noble.  And for less than $10! 

#5 I have been reading a lot since I haven't been working. 5 books in 5 weeks!  This one is a quick read, very funny, and you can visualize it as a movie.  I loved it!   If you want something light and entertaining, this is your book. 

So these are my 5 "make me happy" things.  Note, the only link that is an affiliate link is the book.  Let me know if you agree or have some fun ones to share with me! 

One thing not making me happy these days is that my comments aren't working!  You can leave a comment if you are using a desktop/laptop computer but not on a mobile device.  For some reason leaving a comment from an ipad freezes the screen.  The good folks at squarespace are working on this for me.   I have been hoping to get some comments going and have a little conversation!  Hopefully soon!