I Love Organization…

Good morning.  Hope all is well and you all are not buried in snow!  I know the Northeast was really supposed to get hammered.  We have great weather this week…..70 and sunny here until Thursday when we cool off again and get some more rain. I am loving it in the meantime.  We sure earn this weather with our summers though.  

We are in business classes this whole week so not much to share in terms of recipes.  We are learning all about different career paths for chefs…how to start a business, develop a brand, become a personal chef, be a culinary instructor, food activist, supper clubs, business basics, a bunch of culinary math like scaling up recipes, yield of ingredients, profit management, etc.  It is different to be sitting all day and not cooking, but I am learning so that is good.

Since I don't have a recipe today, I have a really cool organizational idea to share that I found on line last week.  I love organization and I'm a huge fan of paper products and this one uses both. Win!   I typically use a monthly calendar to track my obligations, travel, big plans that require tickets, birthdays, etc.  When I worked I also used an outlook calendar that we shared with everyone in the office. I usually had a couple of random papers with "to do" lists.  It worked great, but I feel like I need a new system now that my life is so different.  I do a lot of planning and brainstorming and have so much to do as I figure out how to move, change careers, etc.  I end up with lots of different notebooks, bits of paper, post-its, lists, articles torn from magazines……Every so often I try to organize it all and put things in folders, throw things away. It seems to be a never ending cycle, and I never have one go to place for all my plans, ideas, information.  You may be the same way if you juggle jobs, kids, volunteering, social engagements, and your own ideas. I think I have found the perfect solution.  It is called the "Bullet Journal."  It is an ingenous idea.  My friend Barbara uses one blank book that she adds a calendar for each month and then uses it for everything she needs to know and remember.  She has years of them and they are a great resource, and even scrapbook.  This takes that concept just a few steps further with a bit more organizational nerd to it.  You basically organize a blank journal with page numbers, and an index and go from there.  Below is the video that got me hooked.  Here is their website.  I say give it a watch even if you think you don't have much to keep up with.  It is fun!

I think this is great even for people who don't work. I always end up with random lists of books to read, restaurants to try, movies to see, recipes I tried and want to keep a list of what was good, authors I read about, places I want to visit, stores, websites, …. You really can organize everything you come across and want to remember. I bought a notebook and started using it last week. So far so good. I think it will develop over time. It is so nice to have everything in one place. 

On another note, I am still exploring and loving Austin.  Friday night Tom and I went to see Steve Tyrell.  Do you know him? He sings old standards, like Sinatra stuff.  We saw him at a small concert venue and it was really good. I have to say, he is getting old…used an ipad to help him with his lyrics!  Does that make it like professional karaoke?  I recommend his upcoming album if you like that kind of thing.  We also went to a new dog park with Beau…Red Bud Isle.  It is a little island that is all off-leash with lots of beautiful scenery, nice walking paths, places for dogs to swim.  It has limited parking which keeps the crowds away. Here are some of the pictures of the morning.

It was a beautiful morning.  We then went to the Indian grocery, picked up some snacks and went to Twisted X microbrewery for a beer.  

And finally no weekend is complete without a walk at Zilker park….

So that's it for today. Sorry for the random post!  I'll be back hopefully on Wed with a recipe of some sort!  Have a good week!