Brown Rice and Vegetables for Breakfast!

Brown Rice and Veggie Breakfast

Brown Rice and Veggie Breakfast

Hello!  I'm sorry for the lack of posting. It seems right now I am a twice a week blogger. I expect that will improve once I am through with the classroom part of school.  So much homework these days. Despite the work for class and planning our graduation,  I am loving Macrobiotics.  The food is simple and delicious and full of lots of comforting kinds of dishes.  I hope to keep learning about it and cooking this way.  I will defintely eat more vegetables if I keep it up. 

For a few days now I have eaten brown rice and vegetables for breakfast.  With a goal of a whole grain and vegetables at every meal I feel like this is a major win.  I won't write out a recipe as it really is more a technique. It only takes a few minutes to whip up in the morning if you have precooked the rice and the vegetables.

Start by cooking some brown rice. In Macro there is a real emphasis on preparing your rice to make it digestible and all the nutrients available.  This means washing it well, rubbing it between your palms in a bowl of water.  Change the water three times.  Then cover with water and let it soak overnight.  You have to plan this ahead obviously! :) Drain and cook.  While rice is cooking steam whatever vegetables you like. I cooked sweet potatoes, rutabaga, parsnip, diakon radish, carrot and cabbage. I was trying to eat some things I don't usually eat.  I cooked them in a covered pot with a tiny bit of water  a little salt,  and some kombu seaweed for about 35 minutes  This is called nashime cooking.  Once cooked I stirred in a little tamari. You don't have to cook it like this, just steam the vegetables like you usually would.  You can eat rice and vegetables for dinner but save some for breakfast!

In the morning when you are ready for breakfast, here is what I do.  I heat a pan with a little olive oil. I add a chopped garlic clove, a little minced ginger, and some diced red onion. Cook that briefly then add in the chopped steamed vegetables.  Heat a few minutes.  Add in a scoop of cooked rice, and a little water.  Stir around until it is all warmed up and creamy.  Today I added some chopped frozen spinach I had on hand.  It is nice to add a little something to freshly cook. Then drizzle in a little bit of soy sauce/tamari and a little umeboshi vinegar.  (you can skip the vinegar but it is a delicious plum vinegar that is worth seeking out.)  Everything gets heated up and it is a little sweet, very warm, and quite soothing for a cold morning. I suspect I won't eat this once it gets hot outside, but for now it is perfect.  A good start to that Macro guideline of a whole grain and a vegetable at every meal! 

I'm heading to Houston for the weekend. Time to see some friends, get my haircut, and play with Beau…..Not too many more weeks and I'll no longer be a Texan!  I'm trying to make the best of it while I can!  See you in a couple days!  Maybe I'll have a real recipe for you!