Vacation, Part 2….

So this post will be the second part of our Northern CA vacation. I promise after this I'll get back to recipes and cooking and health. I do say, vacations keep you healthy so there is at least that connection.  As I said in the last post I am still working on a routine. I am cooking but not yet getting the recipes written up for posting.  I will get that sorted out asap!  In the meantime, if you care to read on, here are some of the photos from the rest of vacation.  We stayed in Medicino at a bed and breakfast right on the coast.  I went for a reasonably priced inn which means the furnishings were a little lacking….that sort of out-dated Victorian stuff.  The nicer places were $500+ night so I just suffered through a little lace and dried flowers.  The location was perfect.  We tried to catch the sunset every night, but the fog off the coast interfered so although they were pretty, they weren't spectacular.  The gardens on the grounds were beautiful. I had never seen Calla lillies growing in beds.  

We spent a morning at the Botanical Gardens in nearby Ft Bragg.  The grounds were beautiful and the coastal view spectacular as they all are.  

Another day we drove inland a ways to take a train trip through the Redwoods.  It was great fun.  Those trees are immense.  The second and third generation growth are still huge but the originals are really unbelieveable.   The train trip was about 3 hours round trip, although we didn't go far.  One part is so winding that it takes 8 miles of track to travel about a mile as the crow flies! 

Here are a few more photos of the coast along Mendicino.  It was absolutely beautiful. The whole region is sparsely populated and the people that live there seem to be quite the "granola," independent, artsy kind of folk. Little traffic, quiet dark nights, good fresh food.  A perfect vacation. 

The last day we drove down the PCH 1.  What a drive.  So many curves and twists and turns.  Quite dramatic.  Fortunately there is not  much traffic.  You can't drive more than between 10 and 40 miles per hour most of the way as it is just too narrow and winding. Thank goodness Tom drove - I would have been too nervous, we never would have made it. 

And lastly, we went out for a nice dinner and a movie before we went to the airport for our red eye flight home.  I ate fish!  I have been thinking about eating fish for some months now as I think the nutrients in fish are beneficial.  I decided to try it while I was on the coast and the fish was fresh and locally caught.  I had black cod and it was delicious. A perfect meal….miso-glazed fish with brown rice, tempura vegetables, sauteed spinach and a soy ginger sauce.   I will probably eat fish every week or so now that I know I feel great when I eat it! 

Next post we'll be back to our regular programming!  Thanks for traveling along with me!