Happy Fall!

It is my favorite time of year!  I am so excited to have a real Fall.  Houston doesn't have much Fall.  The winter in Houston is kind of like Fall in places where there are seasons other than Hot and Not As Hot.  Here in NC it has been a little overcast (some tropical storm is coming) but the weather is nice.  The lows are around 60 and the highs between 70 and 80.  I keep the windows open all the time and just love it!  The leaves haven't turned yet, but I bet it will be soon.  Tom and I went to Belgium one year just in time for Fall, and the leaves were the prettiest I have ever seen. 

I don't have a recipe today but thought I would do a quick post and show you a bit of the neighborhood.  For me, having a home is really important.  The small things like a comfortable corner to read in, my favorite juice glass and hot tea mug, a lamp to light a dark corner, the art work I have collected over the years, really matter.  They make me feel content and grounded.  I think that sort of ease is  important to good health.  When the rest of the world can seem so crazy, this safe haven is critical to managing your own stress.  So even though this is meant to be a more food-focused blog, I share these "home" kinds of posts because creating a healthy, happy, home environment may be more important than a new way to eat vegetables. 

Some flowers for my front porch

Some flowers for my front porch

My house is right by a big high school.  I love seeing the kids all walking to and from school, and a few times a week I get to hear the band practice.  I also hear the horn that signals the change of classes.  (At least that is what I think it is.)  Reynolds High School is an historic school built in 1924, and the school and the auditorium are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. They are beautiful buildings and seem more like they belong on a college campus than a high school. 

The prior owners told me that the houses around the school where I live were originally built for the teachers at the school.  I am not sure about that but it makes a nice story.  I live on the edge of two really nice neighborhoods.  Both are full of older homes, mostly on big lots, in a variety of styles.  It was important to me to be able to take walks from my house.  Side walks and houses to look at make walking easy.  I went for a long walk this past weekend.  There is a cool coffee shop (well, it is really an airstream trailer) about 1/2 mile from here, so I walked for a coffee and then about 4 miles around the 'hood.  There were lots of running groups and walkers out.  The streets are long and although there are some hills, there are long even stetches too.  I loved it.  Here are some photos of the homes in the area. 

There are some smaller ones, like mine, but these big ones are really magnificant.  I love houses and it sure makes getting some exercise on a walk that much better.  I have "run" twice, thinking maybe I would like to start running 5K fun runs again.  I haven't run in some years and it is tough. I am not sure I will stick with it.  Walking is so much more enjoyable, and I think may actually work better for me.  Now that I have a good walking spot I need to find my yoga!   I have a couple of studios on the list, as well as a really good YMCA that is walking distance.  I hope to check them out in the next couple of weeks. 


Tom should be here any time now, so that is it for today.  I'll be back hopefully on Sunday.  Have a good weekend, and if you can, enjoy a nice walk and think of me!