New Year's Resolutions

I posted last year that I don't make resolutions, but decide on a word for the year to sum up how I want my life to feel. You can read that post  here.   In very brief summary, rather than creating typical resolutions that are a list of tasks to get done (get in shape, lose 10 pounds, floss, learn a language, etc), you think about how you want your life to feel.  How you want to be.  And from there, you chose an intention for your life.  Be more social.  Have less anger.  Be confident. Summarize those intentions into one word, and that is what you work on for the year. Last year my word was open.  Looking back, I think I forgot about it half way through. I did stay open but not as intentionally as I would like.  

So this year, I am still thinking about my word. My nature is a take action, go all in and get sh*t done. If I don't like something, my instinct is not to wallow in it, but just take charge, make a list, get a plan, make things change.  Figure it out.  Get data.  Think of new ways to make something change. I am deciding that although there is a place for that way of being, it may not always serve me best. Sometimes I think I force a change before I actually settle in and see if something can work. So in thinking about my word, of course my initial thoughts were about trying to take action to create more of whatever I think is missing in my life.  And then I thought, maybe I should do less.  Less effort, less force, less angst to make something better.  I still haven't come to a conclusion for what my word is or what I visualize for for my life this year.  But I working on it.  

It may even take me until February to figure out my word.  The month of January won't be wasted by not working on my word, but may actually be the most important month of the year as I really figure out where I am and where I want to go. I actually read a blog post by a woman who lives in VA, is raising 8 children, and naturally dyes the most beautiful yarn.  We have little in common but she posts beautiful photos and writes the most endearing stories.  I look forward to al her posts. Anyway, at the end of her post of the new year she wrote:

I have no resolutions and no “word,” just lots of hopes and dreams. 

That stopped me in my tracks.  I thought, maybe that is a good way to be.  No big expectations.  No list to check off.  No huge efforts to make, track, and be accountable to.  Just hope and dream. Isn't that the polar opposite of all the hard charging effort I was describing and  trying to avoid?  So maybe I won't even have a word. Or if I do, it isn't going to be something about effort and accomplishment, something to work on, but something about faith, hope, love, joy.  Maybe it's subtle but there is definitely a different energy to it.  Anyway, I wax poetic and get long winded, but I do have something more tangible to share.  In surfing pinterest I saw a trend toward these lists of what you want more of and less of in the year and that resonated with me.  Sort of a subtle vision of what life might look like.  Little efforts to make over the year.  And this is where I landed....

On a side note, the tree above was amazing.  One day when I went for a walk, the tree was covered in these bright gold leaves.  A few days later when I walked by, all the leaves had fallen and made the most beautiful carpet on the ground.  Such beauty in nature. Today, I'll leave you with this old photo I found.  Me with our little dog Chili whom I loved so much.  We all would do well to be more like the little girls that we once were....skinned knee, Mary Janes, and all the joy of a having a little dog and no care in the world.