Happy New Year!


It's hard to believe that it is the last day of 2017!  Time goes by so quickly. I have been thinking all week about 2018 and the intentions I have for the new year.  I don't make resolutions any more but do think it is helpful to think about how you want to live your life. What you want more of. What you want less of.  I did a post last year with the same sort of sentiment.  You can find it here.  It was actually good for me to go back and read that post.  Perhaps I should have read it mid-year to remind myself where I wanted to be!  


I had a good year, all in all.  I began the year settling into the hospice home care job in Greensboro.  I loved my patients and their families, and the work is so meaningful. Yet driving all over the county, in my car, alone, never with time to eat, to feel a part of a team, to have roots in my own city, made it just not a good fit.  I love that I regained my skills as a nurse and hope to never let that go. I was lucky to start with Reynolds American in April.  I thought long and hard about working for a tobacco company. I don't believe anyone should use any tobacco product and have spent most of my nursing career taking care of cancer patients.  It seemed counterintuitive for me to work there. And yet, I found the company desire to have less harmful products genuine, the science real, the studies ethical, and the people committed and super smart.  So there I am, and I find it is an opportunity to use all my skills. My personnel and administrative skills are welcome and needed, and I like the research.  This year I intend to figure out how I can best contribute to the clinical studies program and what my career path looks like. I continue to work part time with hospice doing admissions. In 2018 I intend to commit to a routine schedule and be more intentional with my efforts there.  


This year I really settled into a spiritual practice with St. Timothy's Episcopal Church. I have attended church on and off throughout my life but have not had a church home or regular attendance in many years.  I found this church shortly after I moved to Winston and I rarely miss a mass.  It seems this was missing in my life and helps me stay grounded and focused on what is important.  I love the high mass, the chant, the incense, the traditions.  I love the people and the work.  I started volunteering with our homeless women's shelter, and the flower guild. I hope to commit more time in 2018 and work more with our women of the church group. 

The video above is a bit from our Christmas Eve midnight mass.  Mom came and attended with me and although we were sleepy it was amazing! 

I was lucky to travel some this year. I went to a family wedding in Rock Hill, SC, business trips in Chicago and San Francisco, and then a fabulous cruise around the coast of Spain and Portugal on a small French cruise ship. 

I cooked for our church women's retreat, and caught the desire to do something more with my cooking and health coaching in the new year. 

I spent a ton of time and money renovating my house...two redone bathrooms, a new laundry/closet, a new heating/cooling system for the upstairs, and a huge screened in porch!  So much turmoil, but so nice to have it all complete.  Now to settle in and decorate a bit.   So looking back, it was a great a year. I'll share some more plans for 2018 once I flesh them all out.  I had intended to post a  lentil soup recipe but that will wait since I have gotten so distracted!  Here's to a great New Year.  I hope you all have a safe celebration - I probably won't make it to the ball drop! I'll look forward to sharing more in the 2018!