At Long Last...


I’m sorry about the long absence from this space. I have no real reason other than I just lost my enthusiasm for sitting down at the computer. I spend many hours per day on the computer with work so lately the last thing I want to do with my free time is to sit down at the computer. But I am back and hope to get motivated again. I recently changed jobs. I left Reynolds American where I was doing tobacco harm reduction research and supervising a team of project managers. Starting in September, I now work a home-based job with PRA Health Sciences as a project manager for clinical research studies in oncology. I worried that I would be lonely working from home, but what I quickly realized is it is very peaceful. The most frustrating part is having to figure out things on your own. There are a lot of resources for me so I get it all figured out. So far I really like it.

I also recently spent a week in Paris to celebrate my birthday. My friend Barbara joined me for 4 days and it was amazing. I love the city and it was a perfect week. I have tons of pictures to share. I’ll break them up into a few posts and then hopefully get back to some recipes!

I made some new friends on my trip to Spain last year who have an apartment in Paris. They were kind enough to let me rent it. It is a traditional Parisian apartment located right near the river in the Marais. It was a great location. It had huge beautiful doors and a lovely little courtyard.

I love the churches in Paris. Here are some of my favorite shots. We went to a concert at Saint Chapelle, and also one at Notre Dame. We also went to mass at Notre Dame…it was in French!

Barbara and I have taken a number of trips to Paris…I think this is 5! We mostly walk 100 miles a day, are exhausted and then stay in at night, usually eating bread and cheese, and planning the next day. We were out at night this trip and the city is beautiful.

Lastly, this is one of my favorite photos. In the last few days I had by myself there, I walked over to the botanical gardens and saw this on my way. Back soon with more pictures!