More Paris!

Hello again. Here is the second in a round of pictures from my trip to Paris. First up, food! As you all know I love to eat. I try to make good choices, but sometimes you just have to celebrate! I did not go overboard, but definitely enjoyed the fresh bread and cheese, and some pastry. Here in the US so much of our bread is made with industrial wheat, all of a single variety, farmed with poor practices, and processed into oblivion. In Europe, there are many varieties of wheat and they use traditional farming and milling practices for most all their products. Here, I can get a terrible blood sugar spike and drop when I eat bread, but there, I have no issues. The nurse practitioner I see at the Integrative Medicine practice tells me this is common. She says she has clients that cannot tolerate any gluten products here in the US but can eat bread in Europe with no impact. Here is a little of what we ate. We also bought cheese, butter, bread, eggs, yogurt, lettuce, apples, grapes, almonds - all to eat at home. The food is all so fresh and good.

You all know how much i love flowers. There were many beautiful window boxes, and potted flowers everywhere. The market and the local flower stores have beautiful displays.

One of the days I was there alone, I went to a new to me museum. It is an outside sculpture garden, with modern sculptures in a park that runs along the Seine. It is a little off the beaten path, but it’s on the way to the Botanical gardens that also house the zoo and the science/nature kinds of museums. It would be easy to miss. In one picture you can see a photograph of the flooding that Paris had earlier this year. It must have been terrible!

Lastly here are some photos of the Botanical Gardens. It was interesting. There were kids out running laps around the park as part of gym class. Otherwise, it was quite deserted. That said, i am not a zoo fan so I didn’t go in the zoo or any of the museums. I really enjoyed just wandering around, looking at the flowers, taking pictures. The beds are not well manicured (read: weeds!) but I took that as a lesson that nothing has to be perfect to be just right. We could all stand to remember that, right?

Thanks for reading. Sorry to bore you if you aren’t interested in photos or Paris. I think I have one more round of pictures, and then I’ll try to do a recipe!