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Hello! I'm back today to share a little healthy snack with you. We are having lots of freezing rain today.  I was looking forward to church and lunch with a friend, but when it started to rain and freeze I decided to enjoy a quiet day at home. Laundry is in, papers are sorted to be read, and of course there is football to watch tonight. I cooked a bit this morning.  A new muffin recipe that tastes great but I am not sure is share-worthy.  The recipe did not work as the cookbook described but tastes delicious. 


It is quite healthy made with eggs, coconut flour, applesauce, coconut oil,  and with a date-cinnamon-walnut filling.  The filling is amazing and would be perfect in a cinnamon roll.  The recipe said this would make 12 and I got 6. Hmm. Something seems not right, unless I just like a big muffin. I'll eat a couple of these for breakfast this week and then decide if I should share the recipe with you. 

I hate to admit that I love to snack.  If I am busy I can eat two meals a day with no snacks but if I am working at my desk or don't have much going on, I eat more often. I feel best when I eat a big breakfast and a big lunch at mid-afternoon and just a light dinner.  So dinner is often more like a snack.  Here are some of my favorites:

  1. apples, alone or with peanut butter.  Fuji's are the best, and always organic
  2. oranges  Cara cara are my favorite
  3. rice cakes with peanut butter or almond butter
  4. blanched green beans, sometimes dipped in humus
  5. a boiled egg
  6. kind bars
  7. nut butter filled Clif bars
  8. mixed nuts, although I try not to eat too many as they are easy to overeat
  9. cashew clusters
  10. cold cooked broccoli with a little salt

I think these pictured have reasonably good ingredients and are made with real food.  That said, they are indeed manufactured and any of these can get expensive to buy.  I like to make my own snacks and make a number of variations on a snack ball. I have posted similar things before.  This is one I made a few months ago.  If you search around the internet you will find cookbooks dedicated to these sorts of balls and lots of recipes. Once you get the technique you can adjust it however you like. Essentially you blend dates with nuts.  You can add oats, chocolate, chips, dried fruit.  Roll them in toppings or leave them plain. Some start with nut butters and some start with whole nuts that you grind. All is done in a food processor.  Depending on the recipe, they may not hold together until you squeeze them as you roll  them into a ball.  Whatever the case, I think they all are good.  You control the ingredients. You can make them small or large.  They take only about 10 minutes to make and are worth keeping some in the fridge.  They also make a nice little dessert.   If you make some on Sunday afternoon you can snack on them all week. I hope you'll give them a try! 

Have you heard the new Chris Stapleton song, Millionaire? It is my new favorite.  Here is a video of him performing on Ellen. You can watch  here if the link below doesn't work for you. 

And if you missed an amazing 60th birthday present for Ellen, watch this.  A present only a millionaire in the literal sense can give, but amazing nonetheless. 

So that's it for today.  Happy Super Bowl! 

Date Nut Energy Balls

by Catherine Craig

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: none

Keywords: snack gluten-free vegetarian vegan dates cranberries peanuts

Ingredients (12 balls)

  • 1 cup of dates, pits removed, soaked in warm water and drained if too dry
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 1/4 oats
  • 1/4 sesame seeds
  • 2 Tbsp dried cranberries
  • 1/4 cup chocolate chips


Pulse the dates in a food processor until a paste forms.

Add the peanut butter and pulse to combine well.

Add the oats and sesame seeds and pulse together.

Scrape the mixture into a bowl and stir in the cranberries and chocolate chips.

The dough will be sticky. Using a small scoop and your hands form into balls.

Yield depends on the size ball you make. Store in the fridge.

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