Almost Spring....and a Healthy Dessert


Hello! Spring is trying so hard to get here!  One day it is nice and the next back in the 30s at night. Today is Spring forward day which means we are getting closer. I am home all day, feeling a little under the weather. I'm not sure if it's a mild cold, or allergies, but I decided to stay home and rest to get ready for the week. I even missed church which is a first.  So this will be a short post as as a nap is in my near future. 


I have a link to a recipe for you today. This is not my recipe and I didn't make changes so here is the link to dark chocolate donut holes.  I didn't roll mine in coconut and I sprinkled a tiny bit of salt on the top.  So delicious and easy to make.  If you've been reading for awhile you know I make a lot of balls like this.  Dates and nuts are always the base, but some have dried fruits, oats, flavorings, chocolate chips. I made one last week that was terrible. It was a recipe from a new cookbook but not good.  Oats, sunflower butter, flax meal, dates.   Dry and bitter. Maybe my flax was off. Anyway, this version is soft, sweet, and chocolatey.  A great little snack or dessert. 

So what else is new?  I got a new dishwasher and refrigerator.  My dishes were not getting very clean and my fridge came with the house and was old, white, loud and dirty.  I am thrilled with both.  Lowes had a great sale over President's Day and they give a 10% military discount so I got a great deal. I don't need a "smart" fridge to tell me what's inside or fancy water and ice in the door.  That leaves lots of room in the upper compartment. I love having the freezer on the bottom. It is relatively small but I'm trying to simplify what I have in my pantry and freezer so this is perfect. 

Next up is to paint my kitchen cabinets.  Once the weather is warmer and I can leave the door open for ventilation, I'll get started.  I'm going to use Annie Sloan chalk paint in French Linen.  It's a nice taupe/gray color.  I'll do a couple of coats of chalk paint, and then 4-6 coats of water based polyurethane sealer. Chalk paint is awesome in that you don't have to sand and prime, but it is water soluble so you have to seal it with wax or another sealer. From what I have read the water polyurethane is the best way to go.   They can't look much worse than they do now  so it is worth a go.  I will also spray paint the hardware oil rubbed bronze.  Big weekend project for when the weather is nice! 

To close for today, here are some photos of all the signs of spring.  Have a great week!