A Few Random Favorites

royal wedding.png

So I got totally caught up in the Royal Wedding.  Yes, I know the controversy about all the important things going on the world that we should be focusing on, and how many more important things this money could have been spent on. Whatever.  So nice to see something happy, inspiring people to think a little differently and to celebrate together.  I think they are an amazing young couple and will do lots of good with their charitable endeavors. I set my alarm to watch it all live.  Drank tea, and soaked it all in. I am a sucker for traditions and pageantry. The church bells, the uniforms, the clomp of horses hooves, the hats, the music, the precise timing.  The flowers.  The thoughtful choices that were made, all with meaning.  And of course the romance....the way the look at each other is rare to see these days.   It was all so beautiful. I particularly loved the music.  I had never heard the piece that was sung as she walked in.   Here is a rendition that is amazing not only for the beauty of the piece, but can you believe this little boy?  Here is the link if this doesn't work for you: Eternal Source of Light Divine. 

Here is another of their selections that is just hauntingly beautiful  "If Ye Love me" by Thomas Tallis.  I won't link to all of their music, but this website (here is the link) has a great summary of the music that was played at the wedding. If you are a music lover like me, be prepared to spend a little time on this site so you can listen to them all.  And then follow the links to lots of other things!  

I have been reading a lot these days.  The new central library opened downtown and it is so close for me. I use their online ordering system, and they will get books from all over the state for you.  Amazing.  I also use Chrome for my internet browser and they have an extension that you add to your amazon page.  When you look at a book on amazon, there is a little box above your cart that shows you if the library has the book!  You can click the link and go right to the library website where you can request the book through your usual system.  I have borrowed many books from the library rather than buying them.  Sorry Amazon!  A link to how this works is  here.   I love the author Katherine Center and was able to get her book from the library the first day it was released. I read it in three days.  It is a sweet love story that is funny, and thought provoking.  A quick read. Entertaining and delightful. 

how to walk away.png

Lastly, here is a snack I have been eating.  I am not eating grains right now or much fruit.  And I am sensitive to peanuts, almonds and cashews so there went all my usual snacks.  I was in Costco and starving, and wanted a little something.  I am eating a little dairy these days so I got these.  They are a "processed food" but the only ingredient is parmesan cheese.  Can't be that bad.  They are crunchy and salty and very satisfying.  Sorry vegans, they are good!  A nice little snack, but like all dairy, something to be eaten in small quantities. 


So that's all for today. Hope you all are having a good week.  Here is a photo of Domino's favorite part of the porch.  Every. Single. Time.   Keeps it trimmed nicely but then throws up fern all over the house. :(