Get Off the Couch, Get Out of the House #3: A Small Town Texas Christmas Parade

Georgetown, Texas Christmas Stroll

Georgetown, Texas Christmas Stroll

This past Saturday I unexpectedly had the day to myself. Tom had some other commitments and I didn't have homework or anything else to do.  A classmate told me about a Christmas festival in a little town north of Austin and I decided it was just the right thing for me.  Georgetown is a town of about 50,000 people, about 25 miles north of Austin.  It is the county seat of Williamson County and has the typical small town structure of a courthouse surrounded by a square.  The Christmas Stoll is a weekend long event with all kinds of vendors, food, games and crafts for kids, Christmas tree sales, pictures with Santa, and on Saturday morning a parade. I decided to head up early for the parade.   It was a little cold and dreary, but the drive was easy, the walking around felt great, and there was so much to see. 

It was a pretty typical small town parade.  It started with the mayor, and ended with Santa on a fire truck. In between, there were all the area high school marching bands, their cheerleaders, and the local pre-schools on floats.  All the cub scout troops were there, and each little boy had built a sort of race car that was pulled with a rope.  They were so cute.  The local fast food restaurants all had a float….McDonalds, Sonic, and the Chik-Fil-A cows.  Here are some of the pictures I took.   Sorry there are so many!  Some are a little blurry because of course everthing was moving! 

Here are the cubscouts.  Love the one that has the rear gunner! 

Lots of cheerleaders….including a special "seniors" group….(and not seniors in HS!) 

A few bands...

Some random animals….a miniture pony, rabits (huh?)  and a goat (really), and even  a donkey to walk with Mary, who looks a little too pregnant to be in a parade! 

And lots of other fun things...

And of course Miss Georgetown! 

There was the requisite festival food….and even a little demo in case you can't envision snitzel on a stick! 

I loved all the architecture around the square….

And as usual I found a few beautiful old houses that I just loved.  The peach Victorian belongs to the mom of one of my friends…(Hi, Peri!).  I could move right into any of them and be very happy! 

So that was a pretty long tour of Georgetown and the Xmas parade!  It's always fun to check out a new town! 

Yep. they wear cowboy hats for real here!

Yep. they wear cowboy hats for real here!