Roasted Sweet Potato and Broccoli with Sesame Miso Sauce

Hello!  I hope you all are enjoying Fall as much as I am.  The leaves here have fully committed to changing colors and everywhere you look there are bursts of color.  Houston has such a muted Fall that I forgot how magnificant it is. I can't stop taking pictures and marveling at the beautiful leaves.  I am also looking forward to the leaves dropping….there are quite a few homes in the neighborhood that are hidden with leaves but I suspect are amazing when you can see them! 

I made this delcious bowl for lunch.  It is roasted sweet potato, broccoli and red onion, served over mixed greens with a miso-sesame dressing.  It was absolutely delicious and took only about 45 minutes total to make.  The recipe is not mine so I am not going to post it, but you can find it here.  Smitten Kitchen is one of my favorite blogs and cookbooks, although her food is not vegetarian or necessarily healthy.  Her recipes work well and can be modified or used for special occasions.  And she is funny!  She served this over brown rice but I decided to just put it over some lettuce mix that I had that needed to be eaten.  I also don't think you need to eat a sweet potato on top of rice….too much starch for me.  Anyway, the only other changes I made were to add some red onion to the roasted mix and to the dressing:  used brown rice syrup instead of honey, used untoasted sesame oil, and used 2 Tbsp of water instead of the olive oil.  She said it serves 4.  I used only one big sweet potato and two small crowns of broccoli so I think this is only 2 servings but I'm a pretty big eater.  You'll have extra dressing that you can use for something else.  I highly recommend it! 

I had a great week. I went to play bunco with a women's group at Olivet Moravian Church.  I met a really nice woman at a conference the prior week and she invited me.  Although I am shy and not very social by nature, I went and had the best time.  There were 13 of us and they could not have been nicer. I really enjoyed it and plan to try out the church and attend their women's bible study.  All new for me but it feels really good so I'm going with my gut.  On the business front I had a great meeting with a functional medicine doctor and another health coach about collaborating on wellness programs.  It seems like the stars are all aligning because we all have the same goals, different skill sets and I think would make a really good team.  We are going to keep talking about how to move forward but it looks promising for me to get some nursing, health coaching and personal chef/cooking instruction work. I have a meeting for some strategic planning later this week so I have some work to do thinking things through.  I am also signing up for a nurse refresher program so that I can pursure hands-on, patient care nursing again.  It will probably take 6 months to finish but I am excited about that as well.  It seems like everything is just falling into place.  I'll keep you posted! In the meantime, indulge me with a little more Fall.  Here is a series of photos I took for a couple of walks I took this weekend!  Enjoy!